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A decent beer that is hard to find.
I drank Warsteiner tonight
by Snake September 11, 2005
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Warsteiner exists since 1753 and is Germany's largest privately owned brewery with its most popular beer named Warsteiner Premium Verum. It is exported to 60 countries around the globe including the states where it gets more and more popular with increasing availability even in the smaller towns.

Warsteiner ranks number 4 among Germany's best selling breweries.

To continue to appeal to German young adults, Warsteiner began a beer-mix drink campaign that includes a Premium Cola, which contains caffeine, as well as Premium Lemon and Premium Orange drinks. Furthermore, Warsteiner has created a long-neck beer bottle and a "limited club edition" clear-glass bottle to target club-goers.
Can I offer you something to drink?" - "Sure, if you got some Warsteiner in the house."
by DannyGee September 26, 2010
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Legend of NukeZone,

quit playing in round 14,

can also be defined as being a beer, but thats of less importance
* Now talking in

<^pms^>This player consists out of 95% water and 5% alcohol
by henk January 07, 2005
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