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Tribal in nature, a nigger flash is an action where a group of uneducated nigger thugs "youths" attack and rob innocent bystanders in public places, ie. bus stops, metro trains. Nigger flashes tend to be violent and senseless, but can be correctly explained as "that's what niggers do", or "what do you expect from a bunch of niggers". Said nigger flashes are directly proportional to the heat index and lack of lawful employment. Nigger flashes can be mitigated by "flashing" a .45 caliber or by throwing a bottle of Strawberry Faygo soda into the middle of the Nigger Flash.

Do not confuse a Nigger Flash with a Mob Flash, which is typically performed by a bunch of lame-ass white hipsters with nothing better to do then spending their parents money while in college.
Yo, I just came from a nigger flash on the green line off Rancine Ave. I gots me a new Ipod offa some dumbass whitey. I hope it still under warranty.
by ZippyMoonbat June 08, 2011
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The look on the face of an African-American negro when engaging in converstation with a white person and realizes that no other niggers are within earshot. The Negro suddenly understands and will speak proper english without frontin or shuckin and jivin
I finally got a straight answer to my question from that black bitch at the DMV. I was the last one in line and it was like a Nigger Lightbulb went off.
by ZippyMoonbat July 10, 2010
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Fucking a black chick in the ass. The use of butter as a lubricate elevates the act to Chorn on the Cob
Dude, Shatweka's ass was tearing my dick off while I was fucking her, but with a little butter it turned into some kick-ass Chorn on the Cob
by ZippyMoonbat June 04, 2010
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An African-American negro whose attitude is overtly smug. Said smugness is usually directed towards white people. The condition of Smuggerness is quite funny due to the fact that the Smugro is unaware that they are an affirmative action beneficiary. Smugroes typically have a short shelf life as they move on with the loss of a racial bias suit against their employer.
Holy crap. I was on the phone for 3 hours with the IRS, and I couldn't get past the Smugro who didn't understand the King's english.
by ZippyMoonbat July 09, 2010
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The act of convincing a female to remove her shirt and bra prior to jerking you off. The logic is that after wearing her down, even to agree to said jerk-off, you thoughtfully propose that she would not want to stain her clothes with any of your man juice.
She flatly refused to fuck me on the first date, and it took me an hour to convince that bitch to jerk me off, but the mention of a clean jerk got her tits out in no time.
by ZippyMoonbat April 06, 2010
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The act of placing one's penis between the breasts of Germanic woman, while drinking a stein of beer.
I spilled my last Warsteiner while that smokin fraulein gave me a bravarian muscle fuck. tit fuck Titty Fuck
by ZippyMoonbat April 01, 2010
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