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A chat room on Neopets that was once a legendary gathering place for fun-loving, open-minded people.
Unfortunetly, the creators of Neopets (Adam and Donna) gave way under pressure and decided that they would like their site to become the new Pokemon. They soon began the sick process of "cuteification", thus alienating their original fan base of bored college and high school students. In the process, they REMOVED the GC, then replaced it with pathetic new chat rooms so stuffed with unnecessary features that they loaded too slowly to allow the natural flow of conversation.
You will find former regs of the GC dispersed among the internet. Try looking on Sensipets, for a start.
The Doctor will probably recommend this post for deletion because he is a cretin troll.
by Goldfish February 26, 2005

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Simply, Sensipets is an online virtual pet site.

In the begining, there was Neopets. It was formerly a very entertaining pet RPG site, with a thriving message board known as the GC.
Then, TNP (The Neopets Team) got greedy, and everything began to slide downhill. Today, overcommercialization runs rampant, the games have become trite, and the GC is effectively dead.

Sensipets.com is seen by many as the reincarnation of the old spirit of Neopets. There, users will encounter a simple and engaging enviroment, as well as active and friendly message boards.

I consider the relationship between Neopets and Sensipets to be akin to Internet Explorer and Firefox (Mozilla).
Adam and Donna iced the GC, so now I chat on Sensi.
by Goldfish February 09, 2005

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Absolutely toooo cool. Not to mention the best hippie since Janis Joplin and the most down to earth person since Ghandi. Oh and she is the white Aretha Franklin.... not to mention she's only 17. Rock on
Joss Stone is the daughter of soul
by goldfish March 04, 2005

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One of those rediculous cartoon things that never actually happen but somehow become 'fact' via the Internet.
"Oh totally people mung all the time."
by Goldfish March 07, 2005

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