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a mystical creature that likes to skate on the pond of the donkers
The turtleroodles and the donkers are partners in crime
by mugwump99 April 19, 2008

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A spiritual being that lives on a house. If you stand outside and yell, the echo returning is nonetheless voice of the chimney person living on YOUR house. they are closely related to the predominate mugwump, who, have never before been seen by the human. The only to see this creature is Chin Chin a fat native.
chimney people are only seen on brunet st.
by mugwump99 March 26, 2008

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a big oversized pita eating native that plays online scrabble day in and night out
fattijotigag has no life, therefore he ate a pita and made it to level 98 on scrabble
by mugwump99 April 19, 2008

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A mystical creature that was created in the land of Brunet St, more specifically, the tree of wisdom. They are most known for the estranged sound it makes. 'Eeeee-yuh'

In the winter, the donker's used their pond as an ice rink.
by mugwump99 March 07, 2008

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okay, this animal is scary shit. found in the harshest fields of kenya. they are related to the sheer howler monkeys, yet they are very different. howler monkeys enjoy screeching while nigloops enjoy swallowing the average cock while taking it up the ass with 12 inch double sided black dildos.
brandon mourot was caught fucking a Nigloop... no surprise there though..
by mugwump99 September 14, 2008

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a long eared mother fuckin creature from the land before time. eats lots of carrots and premature children. rapes young deer and has sexual fetish encounters with silly putty.
the woozle made a friendly approach to the 4 year old transvestite while munchin a cock
by mugwump99 April 20, 2008

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take a pregnant woman, sew her vagina closed,beat her until she is no longer fat,whatever substance comes out the vag is the rich substance of 'mung'
Tyler Laurence loves slirping mung
by mugwump99 April 20, 2008

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