A Latin American style of shawl, traditionally woven from wool, but now can be made from any material. It's basically a piece of cloth wrapped around the shoulders and hanging down to your waist, and it has a hole for the head in the middle. It was extremely popular in the 1970s. Supposedly, trendy grade school kids are wearing them now, but I'm in college and I wouldn't know about that.
I just bought a black fishnet poncho with sequins, which will form an integral part of my new "1970s punk/porn" style.
by marla x0 July 28, 2004
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The skin that surrounds a man's testicles
1. "My poncho is soft like a flour tortilla."
2. "Good thing I had a poncho around my boys or they would have fallen out."
by Smackdown Lane July 29, 2006
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A nice way of saying slut, or someone who is fairly easy to get together with.
Whoa, AJ, do you think that girl is a poncho?
by xxy March 30, 2006
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fuck shag do Spanish word meaning "flatten" or "pop". However, in Mexican slang, it means "fuck" or "have sex with".
1. Mira no más Enrique esa muchacha. Tiene nalgas de Zebra. Si me la poncho.
by Sound Junkie January 22, 2007
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girl who you would be embarassed to hook up with. for reasons such as, a stanky vag, giant bush, or she hasnt showered for 11 days.
haha look! its poncho pippi! man that vag is stanky.
by jthang May 17, 2004
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Similar to Sancho. Only He tries to get some but can't.
That poncho went after my girlfriend but she turned him down.
by Latoya S January 18, 2004
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a man that has a regular penis but instead of a butthole, you have a vagina, from which you shit out of
She's hot! nah, i heard she was a poncho!
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