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Look at those two munchers over there!

Im going to party with the lady's who munch.
by tash January 13, 2004
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Muncher, Munch, Munches, Munchers. An individual or group of homosexual nature (male or female). A shortened term stemming from phrases such as "carpet muncher (reffering to lesbians)" And "Pillow munchers - referring to homosexual men".
During pride week the street was full of munchers. That dude was wearing the tightest shirt without sleeves bro....I think he's a munch.
by Specialist July 03, 2004
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(N): One who munches, or is in the process of munching
That man is a muncher. Dude he is eating all the fucking chips. Kick that asshole out!
by Munchies538 July 06, 2014
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1. (N): When a female gives oral sex and swallows the aftermath.

2. (V): To eat to much with friends or on a date
1. "man this one muncher had me going...."

2. "Homie was acting like a mucher at dinner....."
"She seemd to be a muncher but who knows...."
by Chris Marentes April 19, 2008
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a muncher is someone who eats too much food, sometimes they eat so much food such as beans, that they grow so massive theyre tiddlywinks explode with anger.
example 1: holy crap he ate 16 whole pizzas, hes gunna have a huge poop, hes a muncher alright
by george herdy February 22, 2008
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Muncher is THE forbidden word, the most racist of them all. This words literally offends all races and genders and when using the hard R is unspeakable(The slang version is Muncha). This word is also three times worse than the N word and all other racial slurs.
Tyrone: Aye Back up Nigga
Chris: shut the fuck up MUNCHER.
by Lil_juicegod September 28, 2018
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