1. The little numbers to the right of the big numbers. Change the entire equation.

2. Also known as the reason many fail math.
1. 55^12839758974609

2. Student 1: Dude, did you take that math test?

Student 2: yeah, but I totally failed because it had exponents.
by teaistasty May 29, 2011
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The shorthand term for the hypothetical explosion of the universe.

As coined by the renowned astrophysicist Kyrara Sciencepants
Wow, I sure hope there is no expon today.
by BoltMan January 11, 2014
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A number that is given with very large uncertainties, such that it might be ten or a hundred (or more) times larger or smaller than the value given. Astrophysics is famous for having 'errors in the exponent'
..."We estimate the minimum viable population to be somewhere between 100 and 5000" (extremes from the wikipedia article)

... "in our universe protons decay with a time scale in the range 10^33 - 10^45 years"

These quantities don't have an error in the value, they have an error in the exponent.
by Lab_Monkey July 6, 2011
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a person who supports an idea, a theory, etc. and persuades others that it is good
the most famous exponent of the Kathak dance form
by KUMUD'S dictionary September 18, 2022
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