Dublin City expression for people from the country-side.
The bleedin' head on that mullah.
All the mullahs flock to the city to support their local team.
by m33pm3ist3r July 11, 2003
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someone who wields a teeny bulla and gets pasted by janitors who live under the UC
teeny bulla mullah
by some_bullah February 08, 2004
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Getting absolutely shoe'd, almost to the point of molestation by a clearly superior force or entity.
1. "FFS I just got mullahed by that hard bastard on the corner!"

2. Those {24} noobs were mullahed by ->MC<- tonight.
by MC February 15, 2004
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Pubic grooming style where the hair above the penis is shaved/trimmed, but the hair on the balls is untouched - leaving the 'long beard with no mustache' look, worn by mullahs in the Middle East and South Asia.
Dude: "Do you shave your balls?"
Guy: "No, I only trim above my dick."
Dude: "So you have Mullah Balls?"
Guy: "What's that?"
Dude: "Trim the mustache and grow the beard."
by hazelnutbiscotti April 28, 2016
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