An acronym for "For fuck's sake", meaning "I can't believe this shit, I demand you to stop"

The source is For Christ's sake ("in Christ's name please explain/stop that"). Swap in Fuck All ("nothing") for the deity, and you get an urban, angry, non-religious, expletive, demanding equivalent of "Oh My God, do something".
1. For fuck's sake, where did you get that godawful haircut?
2. FFS, I've explained it to you five times already. Now STFU!
by HJJBrig January 14, 2014
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1) noun: Facial feminisation surgery, a surgery often undergone by trans-feminine people.

2) interjection: For fuck's sake! Exclaimed when one is angry or surprised in a negative way.

My trans-feminine friend, Ashley, is getting FFS on Saturday! I wish her good luck.


Person 1: *does something dumb*
Person 2: For fuck's sake, you're ruining our game!
by asatoheisa July 24, 2023
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For Fucks Sake - this is the most common abbreviation most often used in gaming circles.
"FFS n00b get the hell outa my damn chopper"
by BumBumBanana May 30, 2006
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1) For Fuck's Sake - a common expletive used online.

2) Flying Farang Syndrome - when rich older western men move to Thailand, marry a young Thai girl and can 'suddenly' realise they can fly from a high rise condominium on their honeymoon. As a result this leads to the death of the foreigner (farang in Thai) and a quick inheritance for the 'grieving' bride.
1) FFS you're an a-hole.

2) That bar girl has had six husbands, but they all suffered from FFS. The previous occupant in this condo had FFS.
by Nonflyingfarang January 5, 2013
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abbreviation for "For Fucks Sake"

A term used to emphasise a statement or action, similiar use as for Christ sakes or for goodness sakes etc.
FFS you are gorgeous!

Quite being so down on yourself FFS.
by mad trapper March 26, 2010
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Acronym for 'For Fuck's Sake!' Usually used in video games.

FFS N00b that was my kill!

FFS n00b GTFO my chopper!
by DrDalek5 April 16, 2009
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