a west indian (st.lucian) slang word, describing an individual as a homosexual
fucking bulla
by delzdem February 26, 2009
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When people are making alot of noise,like about to start a fight or a group of people being loud,its called a making a bulla. Can also be screaming.
Dona Concha: Y que es esta bulla que ustedes estan armando a las 3 de las manana?

Sobrino: Sorry tia! We will be quiet!
by Mela la Nena September 28, 2008
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A word used to describe an embarrassing situation or might be used as a verb.
Kisha: Yo, LaToya's ex caught her messing around with D'Shawn.

Kiki: For real?? Bulla! She got bulla'd.

Rob: I got the big bulla when my girl found text messages from some honeys I met at the club.
by qtcups April 17, 2011
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A locket containing an amulet or charm to ward off evil and protect a young Ancient Roman boy from harm. The bulla is first placed around the boy's neck soon after birth, and is worn until the boy comes of age. When he does come of age, he shaves off the beginings of his first beard, and dedicates them, and the bulla, to the household gods. Only the boys got bullas. (Ecce Romani I, Prentice Hall, page 17)
Marcus took off his bulla, and set it down on the small shrine to the household Gods.
by A Latin Student November 13, 2005
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