3 definitions by Colin Bowel

a general term used to describe nonexistant items. Similiar to the unicorn, Tooth Fairy, Loch Ness Monster or contents of Al Capone's vault.
Iraq has many weapons of mass destruction.
by Colin Bowel September 29, 2003
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when yo bowls emit a loose, light brown (or sandlewood, if you will) fecal discharge at an inopportune momemt.
Egad, Chalmers, I'd love to continue this conversation, but I must make haste to the toilet as I've just had a little running of the bulls
by Colin Bowel October 21, 2003
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the Middle East's wealthiest potentate. He governs his Islamic kingdom under strict Shiite (pronounced Sheeyat) rule. The mullah hates whitey.
The Mullah of Carjackistan funds terrorism on a global scale.
by Colin Bowel October 2, 2003
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