A Mug mug, similarly to T-Shirt t-shirt, is a mug with the definition of the word Mug written on it. A mug with the definition of Mug mug, is called a Mug Mug mug and so on.
I purchased Mug mug yesterday, I hope it will be here as soon as possible.
by Sionw July 5, 2018
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A coffee receptacle with one's own face portrayed on the outside.
Dwayne's bratty kids gave him a Mug Mug for Father's Day.
by Lee Rubenstein January 9, 2007
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Buy a (insert word) mug from your (related being) (name)
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the thing on the ad surrounding you while browsing this page
UD: Buy a mug for your uncle Steve!
Me: My uncle just passed away
by I used my real name for my acc December 7, 2021
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A thicc cup with a handle that the urban dictionary constantly tries to advertise.
by Anti.Social.Club6 June 21, 2019
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fucking thing that urban dictionary wants you to buy all the time....
Me: bitch cats cant use mugs
by madame succulent November 10, 2018
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