Something clever that you do to win something, trick somebody
He could imagine the way the words would manoeuvre her tongue before escaping her mouth.
by Chan007 August 11, 2019
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A series of actions by which a Japanese female will entrap a clueless white man into an evening of sex, and eventually marriage. The manoeuvre is as follows:
1. I am kawaii and not here for sex
2. Consume 5 highballs (whisky soda)
3. Pretend to miss the last train
4. Blink helplessly
5. White man falls in trap
6. manoeuvre complete.
Dude, she totally pulled the tokyo manoeuvre on me last night.
by Takosan March 7, 2019
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1. An old military term, essentially bounding overwatch, where by a team of X men moves forwards covered by an equal number of men behind. At least that's what i was told in Marine Cadets :P

2. Much like Wolfbagging, however, instead of gagging your lover ( has to be pronounced, moi luurver... as though you were talking to a favourite sheep) you toss a handful of black ground pepper in her face as shes taking a deep breath, giving the effect of anal tension.
1. Lads, we need to get across this relatively open ground, we shall therefore pepperpot manoeuvre it across!

2. Ed: Bloody hell, my birds arse is as slack as the Channel Tunnel
Dave: Better perform the Pepperpot Manoeuvre then matey...
by Shriven April 19, 2007
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When you get naked in your best friend’s bed at his 18th birthday party and fuck your gilfriend several times in the eyes of his party guest for 10 hours non stop and only stop boning to get more alcohol. Your friends hate you and end up throwing away the soaked in cum bed
-Hey Maria, why aren’t you and Johnny close anymore?
-I’m giving him the silence treatment since he pulled out that Mikołaj manoeuvre at my birthday party.
-Omg! Poor girl! That’s some ducked up shit.
by NeedlessSage February 10, 2021
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First thing ya need, half a brick right not a full brick, full bricks to heavy especially if ya a unkyjay not gonna be throwin a full brick, so what you doin finding a bush along there common flight pass jumpin in the bush, waiting till they walk past duckin down come out, hood ouss backathehead
I just bush manoeuvred this unkyjay the other day lad
by hoodouss August 22, 2021
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The act of performing oral sex (cunnilingus) on a female
You'll never guess what I just walked in on... Richard performing the Hymenlick manoeuvre on that Australian girl!!! Graphic!
by joeeo September 8, 2010
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The 'Crosling Manoeuvre' is when one sits quietly on a toilet, pretending to be part of the toilet apparatus, hoping an unsuspecting person in need will drop their pants and sit right on top.
I can't believe it! Igor performed the Crosling Manoeuvre successfully on me again. Surely I won't fall for it next time.
by prageeth November 13, 2017
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