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Alternativley, in either the sports of Paintball or certain first-person shooters a manoeuvre where a certain person in cover is circumnavigated and shot in the back and/or side.
O <-Other person shoots in back
O <-Person
by Xan February 2, 2005
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Look at Joham there hanging out at fortress square
Look at Joham there short but not as short as eeman
by Xan January 19, 2017
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The funky beat to which Al Gore dances. See word BORING .
Check my mad Algorythm, yo.
by Xan November 5, 2003
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Muscle in the vagina used during sex

A male cunt
her cuntmuscle is tight !

god Jeremy is a cuntmuscle
by Xan May 30, 2003
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"The", An intentional misspelling of.
1. Teh fools on teh site can't spell l33t. fux0rs.
by Xan November 4, 2003
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Vlad Spy is the biggest fucking noob on this planet. The idiot is 10 years old and living in romania.

Personaly beating the shit out of him would make a man better
there is not example for this monster of the night. He is the ultimate noob.

The Revolution in noobs.

If you see him on your forum...
Pray to god the eternal sun will destroy this whore of babylon..
by Xan March 14, 2005
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