a cross between a mug and a muppet

mugget ;; i bit of a sigh or appe pie ,, ditzy silly
e.g ::

Barney - oh crap, i just ate a peice of chewing gum with the wrapper still on!

Lou ~ *sigh* you're such a mugget!!
by Barney && Lou xx May 4, 2008
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half way between a muppet and a mug
The Lads:
look at chilman starting on that foreign guy what a mugget
by muph October 14, 2021
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When you want chicken nuggets really bad but you can't swear. So you have to say MUGGETS (motherfucking nuggets).
"hey joe, what do you want to eat?"

by Kaikea_69 November 14, 2016
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First diagnosed by Aeschylus, Muggets is a sever mental disorder thought to be caused by listening to dodgy techno and smoking vast quantities of second rate marijuana.

Those in the early stages will frequently bring the word Muggets into everyday conversation, until finally losing all other vocabulary and doomed to a life of saying only Muggets.
Muggets, muggets muggets?
by Sigmund Freud July 1, 2004
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A maggot nugget.
A man who both drinks excessively (maggot), and who is short and stocky in stature (nugget)
He just smashed a case, and can’t fit through the doorway. What a mugget.
by dank forrest cake January 24, 2019
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A mixture of a muppet and nugget together. For the purpose of either eating or describing a person.
Travis just killed Kermit the Frog and is now making muggets for lunch. I guess he is tired of 7-11.
by The Stream Tornado May 31, 2021
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SugiAarthy said, “You’re such a mugget
by supercoolg April 9, 2018
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