A faceless entity on which to blame anything that goes wrong.
"Davo your van is knackered."
"It wasn't me, it must have been the lads!"

"Hitler, why did you invade Poland?"
"The lads must have done it!"
by L T D April 13, 2013
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The Lads are a group of men mainly in there 20's and 30's who are well known around the Bristol area for going out to pubs and clubs and causing trouble. Prominent members include Beppe DiMarco, Dean Gaffney, David Walliams, Lance Black, Jon Trollope and Russell Brand.
Avon & Somerset Police today arrested most of the lads. Beppe was done for dangerous driving whilst Lance Black was caught bumming sheep.
by Gareth Ronan August 16, 2006
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A group of males that tend to go to ‘Beefa for a long weekend. They wear terrible sportswear with a fanny pack across the chest. They have no interest in current affairs, political views and are yet to get a grip on reality and realise that the world doesn’t revolve around football.
Uhh look at those over there. They’ll be balls deep in Benidorm before the sun goes down. Lads, lads, lads!
by Redbaron April 28, 2021
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Lads Lad.

A pure Lads Lad is a male who specialises in creating and distributing exquisite banter and is generally seen as a mad cunt. Most true Lads Lads are young 16-22 age is defiantly a defining characteristic because a lads lad cannot show any signs of maturity through out his laddish career . The way in which a true lads lad can differ slightly but common behavior of a lads lad is :

- Lack of consideration towards the female sex.
- Horrific racist comments both publicly and privately

- Cringe-worthey banter.
- Insane verbal abuse
- Exposing genitalia
- General Social Network site Bullying

Common side effects of being a Lads Lad

- Lack of minge
- Loss of female friends
- Basically everything to do with females.

Despite a Lads Lad been hailed as a King by the male sex deep down they know this is the incorrect road for them because in the end all lads need some gash at the end of the day.
Alex - Man id love to go dogging in't feild with that lass.

Amber - Eww listen to him talk he's such a disgusting Lads Lads
by Alex Hunton December 15, 2010
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In Britain (there's already loads for definations for the way Australians use this word), this word generally means a young male. However in modern Britain this word has come to mean someone who engages in typical testosterone-driven behaviour such as drinking, sport and having a laugh with mates, sometimes harmless, sometimes obnoxious or even worse antisocial. There was once the phrase "Jack-the-Lad" (a rogue), "laddie" has long been part of the Scottish dialect, and in the 90s something called "Lad-culture" arose, where the aforementioned behaviour was celebrated. Girls who behaved in a similar way were called "Laddettes". There is also the adjective "laddish".
This young lad was killed in a bike accident recently

He's one of the lads, they love their football

On Friday nights the town centre's full of young lads getting drunk
by ManofG March 5, 2009
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another word for guys commonly used in Ireland, Scotland and some parts of England and Wales.
"Lads, will ye be shut up!"
"Lads, are you going to Cian's party tomorrow?"
by Soldieron February 15, 2012
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