performing oral sex on a female
yes can perform muff dive and rescue tactics on me at your comand
by matthew December 31, 2004
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To perform oral sex on a female.
Can be risky as you might end up with facial STD's if the woman isn't clean.
"Sue loved me muff diving her last night."
by Zoist August 15, 2005
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an alcoholic drink that both males and females (straight or homosexual) buy for their friends on special occasions, such as birthdays, or just for fun.

The drink is in a tall martini glass or just a glass with a wide opening at the top, and they put a shot glass full of hard alcohol of usually something the receiver will not like (but if they are nice something they will like)at the bottom of the glass and then cover the shot with whip cream. The receiver has to dig through the whip cream and take the shot without using their hands.
"Get Britney a muff dive! It's her 21st birthday!"
by CKE November 25, 2007
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when you make you'r way through a girls pubic hair filled with chunks of duck butter looking for the vaginal opening
for fuck sakes jill...learn how to shave i hate having to muff dive my way through
by spazzy jazzy January 19, 2003
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I went muff-diving last night and her pussy was so good that I fucked it and went muff-diving again.
by Blazing-Toker July 26, 2015
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To orally please a wordMuff
To eat out a hairy pussy
Man! I went muff divingthe other day and the dentist said he was glad i'd started flossing again!
by PurpleCowMan April 7, 2002
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