gypsy laguage(lovers dialect) for cat...not as in the feline sense when used by most but as in a person
by dopestarmuca August 10, 2010
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The superior ship name for Max x Lucas from stranger things
Person A: "hey, I really like Lumax"
Person B: "Do you mean Mucas???"
by Tawn-Tawn_11037 July 11, 2022
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Ship name for Marissa and Lucas a true power couple
Wow mucas are my otp
by Polarsoph March 9, 2018
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- a sexy, smart, powerful, guy who is OHsoCOOL and who is also extremely sweet.

- oh but he doesn't really like coke
"Oh Mucas Man, you're so COOL! Why aren't you as cool as Reuben?"
by *alyssa* | Krisper Girl February 2, 2004
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A video editing youtuber known for editing the 2005 Canadien kids show, Toopy and Binoo.
I just stubscribed to Muca Latte M! Best choise ever!
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The act of licking or sucking precum out of a guys dick
Bro Melissa totally pulled a mucas on me!
by Gothballs September 9, 2018
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