One of the best TV shows of recent years. It's a mystery/horror/sci-fi adventure set in the 1980s. It's got fantastic 80s nostalgia and is heavily inspired by 80s movies like The Goonies and ET, but more scary. Definitely a 'need-to-watch'.
Hey, man, that 'Stranger Things' show is like the next 'Game of Thrones'!
by ihatesimplicity February 12, 2017
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dude have u seen stranger things on netflix its so fucking good
by covcn September 15, 2016
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the greatest thing in the world, and the act of dying.
person 1: hay did you finish stranger things last night!
person 2: yessss!! then I screamed, peed my pants, and ran around my room crying.
by nylabyla November 2, 2017
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the god of all shows and if you dont like it you can go die
i love stranger things
by i like stranger things December 13, 2017
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Stranger Things is a Netflix TV show which includes scary, funny and other type of scenes. If ur thinking that u want to watch it please watch it ur gonna love it.
"dude I just started watching stranger things"
"cool dude ur gonna love it!"
by catsanddogs skskskskandIooop November 9, 2019
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the most awesome series in the world. its a retro series based in the 80s.the series has 3 seasons and all the episodes together are 25. season 4 is streaming on December of 2020 which is hella sad.if u want to see stranger things always have 4 packs of tissues nearby ,belive you will nead them :)
dude 1:bro did you saw season 3 of stranger things?
dude 2:i saw it in a day
dude 1:samee
by Lesbian❤️ September 22, 2019
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friend2: OK OK I WILL
joyce: *TRIGGERED* what is this about my BOI
by Xx_.roach0502 _XX. September 13, 2020
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