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A Reuben is a master of wit at all social gatherings; including, yet not exclusive to birthdays, anniversaries and wakes. Although not considered conventionally attractive a Reuben generally possesses a rugged & deshevelled grace that ensnares young women. He is most mens intellectual superior and loved by all women. Tenacious in all sexual and romantic persuits, a Reuben is an ideal lover. Upon encountering a Reuben it is important to know that his weakness is liquor, breasts and pop music (his strengths lay in devouring all three).
Person A: That was the best conversation, coffee & sex I've ever had. You wouldn't happen to be called Reuben, would you?

Person B nods silently.
by MissMarlane April 06, 2011
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the most irritating person alive, but you somehow feel so unconditionally and irrovacbly in love with him that you can't help but adore him.
A douchebag but you love him, and you just can't help it.
i love you reuben you utter prick.
by reubenlover June 24, 2009
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has the most amazing smile, keeps a lot of people happy and just flat out amazing. he makes my heart beat just by noticing me.
Reuben calls instagram, instagucci
by beeeppV1 May 14, 2015
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Amazing guy! Always attractive; says the funniest words; always funny and good to be around for a smile
Reuben has Instagucci
by amdahu April 14, 2015
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Reuben can be nice but is also a total dick. One minite he's pissing you off the next he is telling others to sotp harming you. he is very good at lots of things you might call him a (over achiver). He shows off alot more than he should and is the (wost) singer ever. he clams he has a octave rnge of 4. but all up he's sweet, loving and all out spectacular.
why did you do that?! you're so amazing Reuben.
by Seacrets November 16, 2018
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777 guy; the guy that's just so unique and isn't disliked by many people because of his creativity, intelligence, sense of humour, wit, refined good looks and general amazing-ness
Did you see that dude over by the door???.... Yeah he's a real Reuben,
by Bornonatuesday December 05, 2010
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Usually a guy thats the awesome guy in a party who drinks all the beer in front of everybody whyll they cheer him on, usually wakes up next to chicks the next morning not remembering anything.
Person1: Whyd u sleep with my sister last night

Person2: I was being a reuben
by LOOOOL21212 May 28, 2009
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