Reuben is a guy who is charming and sweet and is very laid back. He is a terrible liar and master at swindling people at the same time. Reuben is very intelligent but refuses to accept it, Reuben is very protective of people close to him and really awkward when you first meet. Reuben always thinks too little of himself and portrays himself in a humble manner. Many people when meeting him at first find him annoying but if you know a Reuben keep them close because Reuben is very loyal to people he likes.
Person 1: Reuben is so cool!
Person 2: ikr!!
by Reuben EditZ YT July 31, 2022
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Reuben is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He has the most kindest most loving heart and always lights up the room with his smile. He is forgiving and very understanding especially when you need someone to talk to. He makes all the girls hearts flutter and is just perfect. He is very cute and charming. He is absolutely the coolest most lit guy you will ever meet. This guy is amazing.
Person one - ohmygosh that guy Reuben is so cute!
Person two - he just melts my heart just by looking at him
Person three - Reuben is definitely a shnack

Person four - geez guys don’t be cringey
by Trashbag93 October 22, 2018
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Imagine your dying of thirst in the desert and you see a wall around a giant ice cube. you want it so bad but yo can't get it. the ice cube is Reuben the wall is every sane female on the planet
I want Reuben so F#cking bad!
by THE REAL ONES () September 16, 2019
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has the most amazing smile, keeps a lot of people happy and just flat out amazing. he makes my heart beat just by noticing me.
Reuben calls instagram, instagucci
by beeeppV1 May 13, 2015
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Reuben is an amazing friend to have and you will regret falling out with him. He is usually blonde with blue eyes and quite tall and has an AMAZING singing voice! You will have mixed feelings for him but that's ok because at the end of the day, he is the ultimate person and friend to be around
Reuben you really are amazing!
by Sammieeeeeeexoxo September 15, 2017
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Experiment number 625. A peaceful creature by nature, with all the destructive power of his "cousin", Stitch, but a higher level of intelligence. He had devoted his life to the art of sandwich making and hates conflict. He's a real nigga.
"You gotta try this sandwich. Reuben made it."
by Jumba Jookiba January 7, 2015
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Amazing guy! Always attractive; says the funniest words; always funny and good to be around for a smile
Reuben has Instagucci
by amdahu April 15, 2015
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