Did you watch the Canadiens play the Canucks last night?
by Kati J February 7, 2004
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1.The French spelling for Canadian.

2. One who lives in or was born in Canada.

3. The hockey team from Montreal, the Montreal Canadien's.
1. C'est le jour du Canadien.

2. Guy from Quebec: He's a Canadien.
Guy not from Quebec: No, he's Canadian.

3. Hardcore Montreal Canadien's hockey team fan: Le condamner, le Canadien se perdu encore.

Real hockey fan: Fermer la baise en haut, vous le morceau de morceau de Quebecian de merde de merde
by I AM Canadian! July 28, 2004
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Canadien is just french for Canadian. Plain and simple. O...and Canadien is NOT code for Jew...but nice try.
Je suis Canadien!
I am Canadian!
(like those beer commercials...u kno?)
by Emily^_~ April 16, 2004
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Canadien; Not American

Speak English and not American.
Is the world's best friend instead of the global law enforcer.
Believes in peace keeping, not forcing beliefs onto another culture.
Has reasonable laws instead of stupid laws; when in Florida, you cannot eat an orange while in the bathtub.
Uses the sensible and easy to comprehend Metric system instead of standard.
Drinks real beer, unlike it's cousin to the south; how do they drink that coloured water?
Has a sense of humour and doesn't take national insults as poorly as some "other" country.
Doesn't put snow storms on national news.
Is proud to have the clean side of Niagra Falls.
Doesn't have to worry about smog alerts.
Has the wonderful ability to turn any sentence into a question; The weather sure is nice, eh?
Provides the best comedians to American media.
Designed the Canadarm, onboard the space shuttles.
Has the worlds largest supply of nickel.
Dug the worlds deepest hole; 11 kilometers (7 miles) deep mine shaft.
Produces the world's best hockey players.
Has the best trained military forces for arctic environments.
Doesn't have to tell the world that they're better than some "other" country; the world already knows.
Them Canadien sure are nice people.
by Clever Canadien March 17, 2004
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Cultivateur Canadien avec dents flexibles
by Anay March 13, 2012
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Canadien; Not American....uh yeah.

Canadien; America's red headed step shild
Speaks British English because they are P.O.H.M's.
Can't be the world's best friend because no one knows who they are.
Believes in cowering while that "other" country does all of the dirty work.
Has horrible laws that prevent their citizens from defending themselves from criminals; while that "other" country has right to carry laws, and you can legally carry pepper spray and knives.
Uses only the metric system. The "other" country uses both.
Thinks it has good beer. I wouldn't call Labatt's the tastiest thing around. The "other" country has some very tasty microbrews.
Has no sense of humor. In fact, has such a low self image that it has to define itself by how it's not like that "other" country.
Can't seem to say anything without making it sound like a question. Eh?
Provides some mediocre comedian talent to the "other" country.
Doesn't provide the world with the best hockey players. The Europeans might have something to do with that.
Has no military left because of 40 years of socialist government. Might have to rely on that "other" country to protect it.
Has to constantly tell the world they are not Americans because nobody knows who "they" are.
by An Even Clever American March 24, 2006
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National Hockey League's most successful franchise. Own NHL record of 24 Stanley Cup. Play in Montreal in Quebec province in Canada.
The Montreal Canadiens won again tonight, they are so great!
by Racine May 26, 2006
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