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Molly is an amazing friend. She’s literally one of the best people I know. She’s very friendly and sociable and loved by many. She’s insanely brave and was bold enough to confess to her crush. Molly deserves the world because she’s such a kind compassionate person. She’s very dependable and I feel like I can trust her with anything. Molly is incredibly smart. It’s astounding just how smart she is. It’s like even the most difficult of concepts just click for her. She’s just such an energetic and lively person to be around. I think it’s a shame that some people may never know her.
E: I just don’t understand this geometry homework
M: Oh okay. Give me a call when you get home and we can work through it together
E: Thanks Molly, you’re the best!
by Rose1867 April 30, 2022
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Moving on is something that you have to do after you spend over a year liking the same guy who doesn’t like you back. It’s letting go of them because it’s not healthy for you or helpful for them to keep it going this way. Moving on is what you have to do so you can still be friends with this person before you disappear from their life.
M: So how are you feeling now about you and O?
E: I’ve decided that it’s time I start moving on
M: Oh that makes sense
E: Yeah
by Rose1867 April 24, 2022
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