A slang term for the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). One of the world's most well known police forces.

They are known for their bright red uniforms, but unkown to most people, those uniforms aren't actually used in every day work.. They are FORMAL dress
Hide the weed dude, here come the mounties
by Dean December 12, 2003
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Officer of the Canadian federal police.

See wordRCMPword
Don't shoot him! He's a mountie!
by GringoSuperStar June 3, 2003
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a small pixie-like creature that roams the mountains of Canada. Have been known to attack at random.
i'm going mountie hunting!
by cailín beag July 6, 2003
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An odd creature which lurks in the far reaches of Canada (also known as Canadia), and is trusted with gun-like objects and large things which hold the solitary purpose of whacking things. Tends to drink a lot.
Help! She's choking on a butterfly! Call a mountie!
by George W. Fucker November 8, 2003
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sexual maneuver - receiving oral sex from another after having gone anal on a law officer's wife. rusty hacksaw hell
..on a pile of dirt! And the next day I find out he came back and gave the hot cowgirl the Mountie!
by Lockjaw April 22, 2005
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Canada's police force. Sadly, better than that of America.
I avoided the Mounties by hiding in some bushes.
by Skinny Skin May 25, 2004
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