Distant relatives of the better-known but enigmatic Japanese "Snow Monkeys", North American Mountain Monkeys can be found in the greater Rocky Mountain region. They construct small, functional lairs and are often found hurtling down steep slopes at high speeds in all seasons. They are gentle at heart but can be dangerous if crossed -- approach them carefully while maintaining eye contact. Offerings of food and drink can't hurt either.
That dude's such a mountain monkey, he hasn't changed his long johns all season!
by monkesius mountainii November 23, 2011
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Norwegian, mostly the big, blonde, slightly chubby one who goes to get drunk on cheap beer in Denmark
Look, there's beer and puke and broken everywhere in this bar. Those Mountain Monkeys are such barbarians!
by Skrukk November 15, 2016
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Mountain Monkey(noun): Lazy, self-entitled, usually uneducated male who resides in the mountains and valleys of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. They enjoy wearing man-dresses, subjugating women, physically and verbally abusing the mentally handicapped, intoxication through the use of opium and opium products(i.e. heroin), and fornicating with farm animals(usually goats and sheep but bovine are certainly not safe either) and small boys. Their preteen wives are usually extremely neglected because all of the mountain monkey's sexual energies are taken out on either his flock of sheep or the behind of another mountain monkey. They have a deeply ingrained belief that Americans(or Westerners in general for that matter) owe them something because unlike them we have, as a culture, managed to progress beyond the 12th century while they remain willfully ignorant and stuck in the cultural, political, technological and ideological backwaters. It must also be noted that the mountain monkey has an extreme aversion to all forms of personal hygiene as well as public sanitation.
Yeah bro, these little mountain monkeys are self-entitled, greedy little pieces of shit
by ballsinurface April 17, 2011
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A mountain monkey is a term for someone who is sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong or combines two inappropriate things/situations. Monkeys belong in the jungle, not in the mountains.
Dude, that guy is such a mountain monkey, I wish he'd keep his wrestling moves away from my dog.
by MrWildThing September 12, 2006
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A human being, the majority of the human race excluding arabs, of whom are also mountain monkeys in disquise. You need five fingers, five toes and a marsupial face with a baboon gorillian body to qualify.
by anon76889 August 18, 2011
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