A pornographic act describing getting a blowjob from a girl with pigtails - holding the pigtails in each hand and pulling her head in so that she gargles on your penis, making a sound like a motorbike.
Dude, that chick will go down on anyone, she is so hardcore she is in to motorbiking!
by Silverlynx July 7, 2012
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While doing doggy-style, you insert you thumb into the girls arse several times, with your hand in the same position as if you were throttling a motorbike
JD took that girl home, bent her over, and ended up motorbiking her!!
by Big Gib April 3, 2009
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Intimate position, whereby the female's knees are drawn to the chest, with legs pointed straight up and feet turned out, like the handlebars on a motorbike. The male simultaneously grabs the feet and strategically "revs" the throttle, making motorbike sounds during the act, changing gears, and hitting the redline at climax!
Stan: How'd it go last night with the new girl?

Kyle: It was awesome! She's a lightweight like a 150CC, so I pulled a Ricky Carmichael and motorbike'd it! (makes engine sounds and pretends to rev the throttle) I think I may have twisted her ankle!
by Nick the Shark March 26, 2010
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Commonly misperceived as a "death trap", a motorbike is a fun and auxhillaurating mode of transport. Its lighter weight and easy maneuverability makes an ordinary street bike faster than a tricked up sports car.
That motorbike is fast.
by tthedawg January 26, 2007
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The name given to people that ride motorbikes. In Latin America it is very common to see many people riding motorbikes to do their jobs.
People who work as messengers in motorbikes are called "motorizados". Common expresions: I've just sent my motorbiker, please wait for him. or the Motorbiker will be there in few minutes or Send me your motorbiker. Nowadays, it is very common to see streets and avenues everywhere in Venezuela and Colombia crowded of motorbikers, either they are messanger or not.
by pol234 April 16, 2010
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With 2 fingers of the same hand put one in the pink one in the stink. And move your hand as you would move it revving a motorbike throttle.
Claydo used cava's anus and vagina like they were a moto gp race bike upon start up. The motorbike
by Mrvnss April 27, 2014
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saw a car in half and you get two motorbike 's
by afi_al January 8, 2006
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