Describes the intentional shipping and receiving delays imposed by the online DVD rental service NetFlix to limit their customer's maximum number of DVD rentals per month.
By delaying the shipment and denying the receipt of returned DVD's, NetFlix is able to limit (throttling) users to a maximum number of DVD's per month while advertising unlimited rentals. This practice has recently come to light with both a Class Action law suit and recent a recent AP story that ran nationally.
by Rusty_R February 14, 2006
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The occurrence caused by the rhythm of lovemaking whereupon one partner’s head is repeatedly struck against a wall, headboard, or other fixed object.
His head beat a staccato pattern against the wall as she, approaching climax, rode him harder and deferred her worry that the throttling was causing a severe concussion.
by hergaster January 14, 2017
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The practice by online DVD rental companies of treating customers who pay the same price for the same service differently, depending on their rental patterns.
"Manuel rents so many anime titles that they're throttling him."
by Crackity Jones Jr. February 14, 2006
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The act of forcefully inserting a rather large, blunt, and innapropriate object into ones anus, such as a foot, or a fist, or a cow.
I met a boy named sterling once, and he told me his name was such because his dad was in the navy. Without a second thought I gave him a hearty throttling.
by Vissago December 27, 2002
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Surf term for consequences of whiping out on a wave. Usually means being slammed against reef, rock or sand and being held down for a long period of time.
Lakey Peak was so big it was closing out the channel. Guys were taking off late and just getting throttled!
by fat girls need love too! June 24, 2005
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Larry, do you want to get throttled? if not, STFU.
by Scrb31 September 17, 2007
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Throttle means both the accelerator part of the engine(or something) and to physically strangle a person without using any items. Gripping them from the throat and squeezing.
Charles throttled Annie because she was a bitch.
by The wise one August 10, 2004
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