When you take a hold of the male genitals, twist them round so that the testicles are above the penis, making the genitals look like a mosquito.
Guy#1: "The girl I was with last night gave me a mosquito before she blew me."

Guy#2: "I wish my wife would be a little more gentle with me when she did it."
by jwbulmer January 16, 2010
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A little bug that comes along and bites your ass.
Man, that guy completely mosquitoed me.
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
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Mosquitoes are tiny Eldritch Abominations only milimeters in size. They are most known for thier parasitic tendencies to suck the blood of its victims via a serrated appendage akin to a mouth. They hunt ethier individually or in swarms. The most dence populations are found in shaded areas with stagnant water. This is becuase they saitanicaly reproduce on the water. They ecell at spreading diseses such as West Nile, Malaria, Dengue Fever, and many more. Thier bite leaves an inflamed, itchy spot that lasts for weeks. Victims sometimes with itch the skin to the point of bleeding thus alowing for the possibility for other infections to facilitate. They are invasive in many parts of the world and have been a serious problem for years. It is said that Lewis and Clark had over 15 diffrent spellings for the word "Mosquito". It is imparitive that if you plan to travel to any wooded area that you wear some type of chemical repellent to prevent bites.
Person 1: How was your picnic in the woods?

Person 2: We had to abandon the idea becuase of all the god forsaken Mosquitoes!
by NuggetX3 June 20, 2015
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A) someone very small, thin and annoying. Likes to be mean and stab backs. Thats why they are blood suckers.


b) a pesky insect that many people do not like. When you get bitten by one, (a female) your blood is being sucked. and when they are done you are left a little mark that itches like MAD. Males collect nectar.
A) Mom to Daughter-That 12 year old is such a mosquito. She is a twig and talkes trash about her own freinds. What a betch. Stay away from her Honey. (:
Daughter- OK Mom.

B) Billy-GOD D**N a Mosquito bit me.... (Five Minutes Later Billy is itching) CURSE YOU FEMALE MOSQUITOS.
by Some Girl Who Likes Zombies August 02, 2010
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Guido: What religion are you?
Jose: Muslim.

Guido: Where are you from?
Jose: Mexico.

Guido: You are a mosquito.
by Gibson3000 September 07, 2010
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When you are eating out a girl that is on her period, so you suck blood.
Man, I gave that bitch a mosquito last night. Tastes like fish.
by Schwartz May 01, 2004
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