MOSQUITO (verb): to slyly drink the drink of someone else when they least expect it. There is a high probability of having your drink mosquito'd when someone of the opposite sex who is shorter than you poses for a photograph with you and he/she is really thirsty.
1. Dude, she totally mosquito'd my drink when Aloysius took our photograph with that disposable camera.

2. While she was busy passionately kissing my inner thigh, I took the liberty of mosquitoing her glass of Caramilk liqueur.
by andrewljacob July 24, 2011
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its where a man is eating a girl out when she is on her period, and you suck the blood out
"man last night i was eating my girl out and she start her period!!"

"thats nasty you gave her a mosquito "
by haha jr July 25, 2008
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an inesct that bites the skin to get blood as a food. It passes its saliva into the blood causing many diseases such as "malaria fever".
Malaria mosquito
by Haisook September 09, 2003
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When a woman is on her period and a man uses a straw to suck out the blood.
"man my girl was on her period and i gave her a mosquito, it was great"
by Chandrashekhar Thiyagarajan February 19, 2009
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A blood-sucking insect that can carry malaria and the West Nile Virus. Literally means "little fly" in Spanish.
DEET is pretty effective against those damn mosquitos.
by jaklumen September 05, 2003
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