When you are at a rock concert in a tight audience and the people around you lift you up onto the heads of the crowd around you. Then either all the people holding you up slowly pass you around or they all at once throw you to another section of the crowd. Usually the ride ends with security pulling you down and then you have to go to the back of the crowd and work your way back up to where you started from. Or the people you are passed to do not know you are coming and end up dropping you. The feeling when you are crowd surfing is as if you are simply floating up there. Even though there are about 10 hands touching your legs, ass, back, and sometimes head.
The crowd surfing was so cool, until i got dropped on my head.
by Nest November 17, 2005
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One of lifes great pleasures.
Man, everyone was crowd surfing at TSNK last night.
by dudeman April 24, 2004
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EXTREMELY FUN!!!!! One of the most fun things in the world. Not as dangerous as people say/think it is.
I had the time of my life crwod surfing at the Kane Hodder concert! It was the coolest and most fun thing I'd ever done.
by I_Love_Me December 10, 2004
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When a desperate female from outside attempts to latch onto a male in a specific friend group to attain quick friendship and placement in group. Also, an already friend female who sleeps with or is in a relationship with multiple males in said group.
Darcy's been crowd surfing with John, Jimmy, and Jeff! Watch out, you could be next.
by swelling August 17, 2008
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Often at concerts people crowd surf. This means that you a lifted/throw up above a mosh pit where people carry you to the front and are pulled down by the surcerity (plese ignore spelling). A HECK OF A LOT OF FUN!!!
went crowd surfing twice with sister at a FOB concert, and nearly got dropped.
by Mrs. Shelly Dirnt April 30, 2006
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Also referred to as CSR, crowd surfing responsibility is the obligation of all concert goers to be aware of and help notify others of incoming crowd surfers. This is crucial to the safety and well being of all present, crowd surfers included.
In a most devastating display, a would be crowd surfer fell into a mosh pit and was trampled. If only those on the edges of the pit would've practiced good crowd surfing responsibility.

A 300 pound man crowd surfed through an area where no one was paying attention. One person was crushed to death because of the failed CSR.
by ke1v3y October 31, 2010
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