A nice circle where you are allowed to hug anyone you want. Next time you go to a concert please run to the center of that circle, if you get there first you'll get the most hugs! Hug everyone, but most importantly have fun!

Ps. Ignore the other definitions of "moshpit" they just want to scare you away cause they want to get to the center first. Don't let them fool you!
Lead singer: MOSHPIT!

Everyone: *runs to the center*

Leader singer: looks like the chick in the white shirt got there first!

Everyone: aw!

Lead singer: everyone hug her!

Everyone: *hugs her*

Girl in white shirt: yay! Best day of my life!
by iseesyou July 9, 2013
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Jumping around, punching, kicking, and generally being violent to <b>LIVE</b> music, usually heavy metal, punk rock, hardcore or anything fast and hard.

It is not an excuse to try and hurt people but was origionally formed due to heavy metallers trying to release some of the fustrations of life.

Early Punkers didnt mosh, they skanked, pogoed and put stanley knives in each others backs.
"Dude! what happened to your arm?"

"Some tosser took a skateboard into the moshpit. Prick"

"Sucks to be you man."
by Wil C December 23, 2005
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a place at a gig where you can dance with however the fuck you want with a bunch of people you don't know. the dancing will often include punches aimed in the air NOT at the person nearest to you however usually results in full contact. can be dangerous however everyone with a ticket should feel welcome in the mosh pit.
i'm not going in the moshpit tonight cuz i have a weak knee/some jock in the moshpit punched me in the mouth and just acted like nothing happened.
by buncey November 21, 2004
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a mosh pit is a good place to vent agression and jump on townies
by lestat July 9, 2004
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group of people moshing to a rock song all together forming a pit hence moshpit.
i got stuck in the moshpit and have some massive bruises up my arm now.
by steph March 18, 2005
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1) The place people go to have their clothes ripped off and to jump up and down while on ecstacy.
Also known as the beat-down-pit.
"I was in the moshpit and then I woke up in the hospital.... it was rad" - dumbass mosher.
by Simerly January 29, 2004
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A metalhead or hardcore fan who moshes so hard in the pit that they may end up with a significant injury that can land them in the hospital.
This show might land you in the moshpital
by michellemetalhead April 26, 2016
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