Can be noun or verb. A form of violent, aggressive dancing or "slamming" during punk shows that stays within the confines of an open, circular area in the middle of the floor. Any of the following may occur within the circle pit including:
1. dancing or skanking that looks like running in a counter clock wise fashion
2. random thrashing motion with elbows swinging and legs kicking out in a "running" man style fashion
3. usually occurring at the front of the floor is the pogo which is hopping up and down and bumping into other participants
4. the circle pit can also differ in different types of shows such as at a hardcore show (windmilling, picking up change, kickboxing) or a metal show (the largest participants running around and seeing how can push whom the hardest) or a ska show(skanking).
Dude, I'm so sore from all those punks slamming dancing in the circle pit last night at the Circle Jerks show!
by Mike "Mo Money" McNoosie December 4, 2004
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Is something that forms in a punk, ska, or metal concert. The purpose of it is for the outterpeople to keep the formation and act as bouncers and the dancers to run in. There are many different styles of dances that go on; the two step, the running man, skanking. Also moshing and thrashing goes down. Usually people in the pit are very curtious, if you fall, someone will stop and pick you up. This style of dancing is def. great if you're at a underground punk show where people are more considerate, and women can participate without getting beat down.
"man, i got my ass kicked in the dead kennedy's circle pit yesterday"
by holly hooligan September 24, 2006
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a group dance move occuring at hardcore punk concerts. the fast music breaks down into an upbeat but slower tempo part, and this is called the "circle pit part" at which point everyone begins "skanking" in a circle as fast as possible. this circle generally runs counter clockwise, though there are those who run in the opposite direction to increase confusion.
the DRI dancing guy logo is supposed to be someone dancing in a circle pit.
by lucas korte January 15, 2004
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1. A rather large large pit with many kids mashin' and running laps. Started some time in the 80's, it's often a good idea to sort of two step but faster than usually. Onlookers should be encouraged to shove, punch and trip, it makes for some good times

2. a circular chasm...
1. "Dooooood, that was the biggest circle Pit I've ever seen..."

2. Say young fella since when was it a good idea to dive into some odd circle pit?
by Mcdizzle fa Rizzle July 19, 2006
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