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A dangerous genre of dancing related to heavy metal/rock music. Usually done in crowded areas by pushing, shoving and jumping. The denser frontal part of a concert gig will usually have the crazier stunts such as trampling and crowd surfing.
Moron: I tried to crowd surf but I was trampled and got a concussion.

Moron 2: Idiot.
by ariel June 12, 2004
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derived from the movie gummo, which depicts very twisted, country ignorance/mentality.
Money that blazed his cousin and told his peoples about it is gummo
by ariel December 8, 2004
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someone who will fall for anything or give someone anything
johnny: a yo i sucka'd my grandma into gettin me vice city
cracker says: my ma aint a suka
by ariel August 5, 2003
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Area Code for Bronx Uptown and BrOoklyn.....New yOrk...Stand Up!!!
Ricky:Where u live
Tomas:718 Area
by ariel November 1, 2004
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notes randomly taken on a loose sheet of paper; usually used for school or classes.
Sarah took notez when she forgot her notebook
by ariel January 19, 2005
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