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1) Person, or persons, who decide to drink beyond their limits. Once achieved the person, or persons, plead for death as it seems the quickest way to rid themselves of a bad headache or projectile vomiting,

2) To be returned to (or reminded of) ones true mortal state (i.e. the condition of being subject to death, and without superpowers) by consuming grievous quantities of alcohol.

3) To be mentally separated from that, the soul apparent, which might be considered to distinguish one as being 'immortal' through holding free-will, as opposed to a 'mortal' base animalistic level of brain function. Commonly achieved through the plying of the brain with copious measures of Tequila..
1) 'Did I have much to drink'? Jesus man I was drinking non-stop from lunchtime, I was utterly mortaled by the end

2) Man, he couldn't remember his own name let alone walk straight! He was completely mortaled!
by Geoffety Geoff May 16, 2008
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