Yea, everybody knows you can die if you do certain things. You can die in your sleep, you can die even if you're not trying to get yourself killed. What does anybody who's still alive really know about mortality though? If your friends or family died in a car accident, they would be the folks who know about mortality and not you. I doubt anybody who claims to know all about mortality from seeing horrific accidents has had an opportunity to talk with any of the deceased about mortality, therefore you're full of shit when you preach about it, you don't really know shot like the rest of us.
The girl must know it all about what death is like from seeing some bad accidents since she's preaching to everybody how they should live their lives the way she lives hers. Any slight deviation from the way she lives life will be considered reckless and adolescent minded, watch out! She's a mortality expert!
by Solid Mantis August 3, 2018
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completely blazed out of your mind drunk and/or high
I want to go out and get mortalled tonight.
by missscarlett September 9, 2008
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1) Person, or persons, who decide to drink beyond their limits. Once achieved the person, or persons, plead for death as it seems the quickest way to rid themselves of a bad headache or projectile vomiting,

2) To be returned to (or reminded of) ones true mortal state (i.e. the condition of being subject to death, and without superpowers) by consuming grievous quantities of alcohol.

3) To be mentally separated from that, the soul apparent, which might be considered to distinguish one as being 'immortal' through holding free-will, as opposed to a 'mortal' base animalistic level of brain function. Commonly achieved through the plying of the brain with copious measures of Tequila..
1) 'Did I have much to drink'? Jesus man I was drinking non-stop from lunchtime, I was utterly mortaled by the end

2) Man, he couldn't remember his own name let alone walk straight! He was completely mortaled!
by Geoffety Geoff May 16, 2008
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To be very, very drunk. Contrary to the guy before me, the word 'mortal' is also used in the North-East of England (ie: Newcastle and Sunderland)
Last night, I was proper mortal!!!!
by MichaelToTheJ June 6, 2007
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1. its what you find out exists when you get shot in the head
2. the state of being able to die
Taste your mortality.
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004
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<(to be mortal:)>

I was fucking mortal last night!
by AO'CB May 14, 2008
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We're all mortals
by álfur December 24, 2018
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