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A man's version of a camel toe. The result of wearing spandex, or pants that are way too tight--resulting in an unsightly bulge of his junk.
Check out the moose knucks on that freak!
by Heather January 01, 2005
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Oh my god have you heard that new Dula Peep song?
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When a guy gets a wedgie between his balls and leg. Similar to a camel toe except for guys.
by D-Monkey February 26, 2018
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The bump or bulge seen when a man wears tight pants.
"Is that a moose knuckle I see; or do you have a raisin in your pants?"
by the dude1963 April 20, 2013
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Canadian Word to describe a man whose pants are so tight that his 'package' stand out or bulge.
Dude, that dudes pants are so tight he's got a mooseknuckle. What an fagmaster that guy is.
by Fender Case September 29, 2004
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β€œdid you see tiffany at the rink last night? she had a massive moose knuckle eh?”
by rickymcschnicky October 23, 2019
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