1.) Sex (of any type)

2.) Booze

3.) Controlled Substances
by SmellyPirateHookerFucker January 11, 2009
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the support, or encouragement, given towards a thing
"You have my full supportion in this campaign!"
by DanceCrier April 16, 2008
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support is aid provided to resolve an international problem or money given to resolve an international dispute
by Dr. Yohan Jacobs October 25, 2004
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the uncommonly used noun form of the word support.
I give my full supportation to the presidential candidate.
by jaxmwt December 9, 2010
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To back up, justify your answer, opinion, or claim (with evidence)
Mr. Walker told me that I needed to support my story with more details
by goodvibesgoogooogg April 3, 2017
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a jockstrap, an atheletic supporter. Serves as a device for the protection of the genitals
Matt put the support on his crotchal area
by matt May 24, 2004
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