is an honorific or title that is used to address a French-speaking man, but can also be used as an equivalent of Mister/Sir.
- Monsieur Pierre Fauchard is known as the "father of modern dentistry".

- I asked a little change but that monsieur ignored me.
by Aberrantmétier April 8, 2014
Someone with an enormous rock solid dick, that every woman dream about.
Look at Daniel over there with his huge weiner , what a monsieur béton !
by RobMichels December 7, 2018
The opposite of Mr Beast - an evil genius who has a curly moustache, eats baguettes, cuts off your arms and legs, and steals $100000 dollars from people.
Person 1: Did you see that new monsieur bacteria video?
Person 2: YESS! He put down every dog in the pound
by dreamlovesyou_ September 15, 2020
A muthafuckin badass geniusly crazy artist.
He's tryna keep art alive, and he's dying. Such a monsieur monstro. Lets make art great again.
1. Derived from the french food croque-monsieur. It means somone who prefers gardening with an uphill slant. Someone who drills marmite. A bender.
Look at the way he walks! I bet he's a cock-monsieur.
by WhosYourDaddy January 14, 2004
A french canadian employeed in the information + technology industry.
"Yeah I would have got that raise but Monsieur Douche fucked me"
by James March 20, 2004