An individual who lives in Quebec or in other french community in Canada ( And there are a few! Just get off that couch and discover the world you live in, you ignorant!).

The biggest concentration of them are located in Quebec (the province).

Not to be confused with The Brayons, living in the northern part of New-Brunswick (a lot of them will speak a fluent, yet in a funny accent, english. And if you address a citizen in french, they'll respond in a "good enough french", but you oughta know some english!).
New-Brunswick officially declares itself bilingual (french-english). Go figure.

Cajuns people (called "Acadiens", "Cadiens" or "Cayens" in french) also have their own dialect called Chiac (pronounced SHE'ACK (no pause)). It's spoken by most cajuns of southern New-Brunswick, although canjuns' elite tend to snob it and will either use a well-spoken french or english. That's mainly because chiac's known to be of a strong redneck-from-the-far-east french pronunciation plus a few english words. One can use less or more english... it's complex. I personally never lived there to fully grasp it, although my roots are from Quebec's far east.
Members of the band Radio-Radio raps in chiac. check it out on You-Tube.
-Salut, je suis un québécois et, par conséquent, un canadien français. Et toi?
-Hi, I'm a quebecer and consequently a french canadian. What about you?

Some chiac, in 'Cliché Hot' from Radio-Radio :

-1 frippe, 2 frippe, 3e frippe aussi?
-T'as pas besoin d'prescrition, ta première frippe est free!
translates to :

"1 fry, 2 fry, a 3rd fry too?"
"You ain't need a prescription, you're first fry's free!
note that Quebecers say "frite", not "frippe"
by KUTR March 7, 2011
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Someone with a good sense of humour, an incredible talent for understanding. Usually speaks two or more languages.

He has to make people understand that French is important and it is not an assault against the ROC.
Wow! he is so French-Canadian, he's very nice
by Maevane February 18, 2011
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An ethnic group inhabiting parts of the U.S. and Canada, but mostly Canada and more specifically, Québec. This bigoted, arrogant group of people are constantly attempting to assert their superiority over others. They look down on the rest of Canada and the U.S., believing they are the most important asset to the earth. The attitude and arrogance exerted by your typical french canadian is openly resented by most Canadians who do not reside in Québec, and also heavily resented by Americans residing in the northeastern states of New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont, to name a few.
Make sure you speak French when talking to the french canadians, Morgan. You don't want him to kill you in your sleep tonight.
by LouReed February 4, 2016
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The assholes, know as the QuebecWasp are the reason people hate Quebec. Not all French Canadians are horrible, in fact they are very friendly people. But please please PLEASE watch out for the QuebecWasps. If you speak a word of any other language than French in front of you they will assume the presence of a wasp then rape the fuck out of you.
American : Guess what Jean-Francois? I’m going to Quebec for the holidays!
Jean-François: Ohhhhh boy, you better steer clear of the QuebecWasp. Only speak with the French-Canadians.
American : Okay.
by The hada bada December 13, 2019
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Bunch of people living mostly in the province of Quebec. They tend to be polyglots and great travellers.

They used to run the country for the last 40 years and still think, from time to time, about splitting the federation.

They hate the French and cannot stand the invasion that is occuring since few years. It seems that the snow does not suffice to keep them away any longer.
French-canadians : the good ones

Quebecers : well, bloody separatists
by Fred December 24, 2003
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A racist term used in place of "wigger," or "white nigger". A white guy that tries really hard to act like a black man. The term is used along with "Canadian," which is another word for "nigger," in place of "wigger" when using the actual word will get you in trouble. For example, in the military where you can get in serious trouble for using racist remarks.
"Hey Smith, is there a lot of Canadians in your division?"
"No, but there are a lot of French Canadians. Which is much worse."
by BigToadMoney April 23, 2017
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A girl who leads men on with her beauty but then reveals that she does not believe in love but is going to marry a hockey player later in life.
Guy 1 "hey you still talking to that girl?"

Guy 2 "nah it turns out she is a French Canadian whore"
by Sebastien Leroy April 14, 2011
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