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A nickname for crack cocaine. Predominately used in the south, it refers to a larger than normal sized piece of crack cocaine. Made popular by the rap group UGK.crackcrack cocaineboulderyayorockyambangermonkey nuts
Mane, that nigga over there be servin' them big fat monkey nuts!
by URASuka June 18, 2009
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nigga, yo monkey nuts be stinking up my crib! you best wash that stank off!
by kyle marx April 10, 2003
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monkey nuts is when a person is so unfortunate to not change out of a bathing suit after going to the beach and the sand, salt, and sweat gathers on and around the ball sack and no matter how much your sack itches it will not go away
dude i went surfing and then out to lunch and now i have monkey nuts *itches ball sack*
by mi nevets March 02, 2007
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