Person1: Want a piece of gum?
Person2: Nah. I'm good mane.
by breenbreenqui December 20, 2014
A head full of beautiful hair! Can be of any texture in abundance and long or short but not pixie.
I like that style she was rockin on instagram of her mane at #luvyourmane!
by Judy_Stylez July 27, 2016
Mane is the name of the girl who you can always trust. She’s hilarious and you can’t hesitate to smile at her wisecrack puns. Mane is the most caring girl in the world. If you’re ever feeling down she’s the person you turn to. If you’re looking for a feirce, weird, smart, and commited friend, then look over to Mane to be that person. She can make everything awesome and by everything I mean EVERYTHING. She’s amazing and DAMN IS SHE GORGEOUS!
Girl 1: Hey look it’s Mane.

Girl 2: Dang I wanna be her
by i have lots of regerts April 3, 2018
Thick chesthair that resembles the frontal part of a lions mane, people who grow these usually shave them off.
"Some people think guys with a mane are sexy, quite frankly I think it's really off-putting."
by Scarlo August 17, 2008
Another name for females in Chile that are sexually atractive and look Asian
Wow that girl is Mane cause she looks asian.
by Dayberry August 8, 2009
Another saying for "penis". Originated and commonly heard in Memphis, TN. For it to mean this, it has to be in the context of as if you were going to use the slang word "dick". Memphis rapper, Yo Gotti, used the term in on of his singles of Cocaine Muzik 6 "Ashamed"
"Gon head and jump on dat mane"
"You see dat mane ready, gon handle ya business shawty"
"The way you sucked dat mane, shawty you should be ashamed
by Memphian901 August 17, 2011