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The yabbling amongst two or more females, more noticeable when one is trying to watch the footy,
can also be used to replace words such as naggin, hounding
phone conversation; "sorry mate can't hear ya, there's a bunch of sheilas squarking next to me" or;

"come on hun stop ya squarking I'm trying to watch the footy".
by turbodiesel March 22, 2010
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1. A combination of a squirrel and a shark. Likes little girls and ice cream.

2. The weird guy that always hangs out around your local liqour store.

3. Anybody named peter.
2. Wtf the squark is at the liqour store again, is he meowing again?
3. "hey peter, or should i say SQUARK!"
by squarkboy October 20, 2009
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A squark is a
1.squid-shark which is 10 miles long
2.really big dick or a
3.fat lady.
1. OMG!!!!! The sqaurk killed jamie!!!
2. Bethhanne he had a sqaurk i could barely give him head!!!
3. Ewwww!! Her mom is such a sqaurk.
by Mari March 18, 2005
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