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the transportation and shipment of goods
Instead of saying I was a paperboy I said I was in media logistics for 5 years, so I got the job as C.E.O.
by June 08, 2004
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A conveniently general scapegoat.
Sorry we couldn't get it to you on time, it's simply a question of logistics.
by philip June 09, 2004
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something dumbasses don't pay attention to when they buy a vehicle that 'needs work' on ebay
Marshall should have worked out the logistics before he bought that fucking broken Cadillac.
by keeldragger November 30, 2009
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Logistics is a Drum and Bass producer originating from the UK.
He is signed to the label Hospital Records and has had two albums out on it.
He is known for incorporating disco and funk sounds into his music which he makes with the club in mind but also for the home listening audience.
Logistics' albums:
Now More Than Ever
Reality Checkpoint

by hard1 May 13, 2008
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During a game of Super Smash Bros, for any system, when one player achieves a "lock" with a weapon such as a fire flower or a ray gun, that player may call "logistics" thereby granting him/herself immunity from other opposing players until the lock is broken. If another player breaks the lock that player is now in violation of "logistics" and is now subject to punishment in the form of collective attack from the rest of the players. The relevance of "Logistics" is widely debated and its precedence should be discussed before the beginning of any individual match.
Everyone killed John because he violated logistics.
by Balls Kolano October 08, 2008
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