17 definitions by Apul

Person 1: Doode, that was tight!
Person 2: Yes, but was it pimp-tight?

Person 1: Doode, she's got a pimp-tight ass.
by Apul January 20, 2003
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An output device used to view what the video card's signal is sending to it.
Nice monitor, dude.
by Apul January 29, 2003
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A new greeting for the ages.
Person 1: Bitch, I cut you!
Person 2: You too, Bitch, I cut you!
by Apul January 19, 2003
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To have much money
I'm Ballin' in the money, maybe later me and you can go shopping and really ball it up.
by Apul January 11, 2003
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To be scared of.
Doode, i'm scuuured.
by Apul January 27, 2003
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