to cooperate with another or others, esp. to remedy something
synergize with fellow teammates
by Kjafbab January 13, 2009
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High & drunk at the same time.
Johnny snorted a line of coke then had half a bottle of vodka... He's synergized.
by BaN71 June 6, 2010
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When two parties come, together.
We're really hoping to achieve synergism as a result of this billion dollar merger.
by CrankyMcSillypants February 20, 2018
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The jism of sinners. When combined with other sinner's jism, becomes more potent.
Watch out for Reverand John's synergism, I heard it gets even the choir boys pregnant it's so potent.
by str8sprung November 21, 2019
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the act synergizing
using advanced synergization processes, the company melded synergistically.
by ClassicJohn September 21, 2015
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