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Hot but good time for go beach ,in this part of Hawaii you HAVE to have respect ,with people and their stuff, but Some people like act dumb and stupid so that’s the only thing that make Waianae look bad , but foreal kine in this part of Hawaii we have respect and if we don’t get that respect you gon expect no respect back .
Waianae with aloha
by Waianae west February 24, 2019
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Located on the west end of Oahu. Waianae gets a bad reputation for being poor, dirty, scary, etc. Its hot and dry out west and the beaches are super nice. Makaha, Yokes, and Pray for Sex are some great beaches to name a few. Mostly locals and the majority of the homeless live out here. Even though its a little rough, the people have alot of aloha who live out here. Most important thing here is to have respect for other people and their stuff.
Eh bro, we go cruise Waianae fo go surf Makaha!
by MoBettah July 31, 2018
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A city on the far west of the island of 'O'ahu in Hawai'i. Considered one of the poor/country cities of the island. It is nearly to opposite to kailua
It's so hot in Waianae but the sunset is beautiful.
by D.A. Double Rizzle April 18, 2006
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