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Hawaiian pidgin for: a big local "braddah"

Someone from Hawaii that is most or all of the following:

Hawaiian or Hawaiian mixed
Likes to scrap
Likes to drink
Drives a truck
Works construction
Longboards, bodyboards, or bodysurfs
Loves Hawaiian music
Loves to eat
Hates haoles
Goes offroading
Goes hunting (for wild pigs)
Owns a pitbull (or some other bad-ass dog)
Works Security/Bounces
Has a "Proud to Be Hawaiian" sticker on his truck
Cruizes at da beach on his day off
Lives in "da country" outside of the city
Wut, you going Waianae side? Watch out get plenny mokes out dea! No act dumb!!

All da mokes wen chase me outta da watah!!
by JLiRD March 03, 2007

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A Hawaiian slang term meaning a punch to the face and, from what I thought, often done without much more than a verbal warning at most. A surprise punch that catches the recipient at least somewhat off-guard.

Also just to "false" or getting "falsed"
Also "dirty cracks" or "dirty lickings"
Dey wuz arguing for so long until James jus wen false crack em!!!

He was talking shit so I falsed dat faka and he wen drop li' dat!!!
by JLiRD March 03, 2007

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A Jamaican reggae drum beat.

Prior to the "one drop" beat, the bass drum would typically fall on the 1st and 3rd beat and the snare would fall on the 2nd and 4th leaving the high-hat to accent throughout. However, on a "one drop" beat, the bass drum is used only on the 3rd beat, leaving an open space on beat one, hence the name "one drop". Said to be invented by the original Wailers' drummer Carlton Barret.

Made popular on Bob Marley & The Wailers' song by the same name.
"Feel it in the one drop;
And well still find time to rap;
Were makin the one stop,
The generation gap;
Now feel this drumbeat
As it beats within,
Playin a riddim,
Resisting against the system"

"One Drop" by Bob Marley & The Wailers
by JLiRD March 03, 2007

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Hawaiian pidgin for "like that".

Similar to "da kine" in a sense that it can be a generalization of things, usually understood by the listener. Often used at the end of a sentence.
"Troy wen smack him li' dat!!"
"We was all getting all nutz li' dat!!!"
by JLiRD March 03, 2007

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Hawaiian pidgin for: "all busted", "all busted up", or "all wasted".

Used to describe someone who drank too much or something that's in bad shape and isn't looking good.
Ho, look at Trevor, it's only 5:00 and he stay all bus already!!
Look at Mari's car...all bus li' dat!
Wot happen yo face? You look all bus up!!!
by JLiRD March 03, 2007

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Hawaiian pidgin for: "all nuts" or "all crazy"

Going crazy or getting crazy in some way. Usually in scrapping, surfing, or partying.
Kimo wuz so drunk he wuz getting ALL NUTZ li' dat at da hotel pahty last nite!!
Wotchufaka?!! You trying fo get ALL NUTZ wit me??!
by JLiRD March 03, 2007

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Pidgin english spoken in Hawaii- "anyhow, anyway"
Kimo when try fo make any kine wit my cheeck last nite!!!
by JLiRD March 03, 2007

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