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A blend of the expression mojo and the more physical translation of stuff. The word "mojs" can best be translated to "a lot of good things to have". An alternative translation can be "a lot of things going on". These things could be good or neutral but never bad.
"I got some real mojs yesterday!"
(I managed to buy some really good things yesterday)

"No, I am sorry. I can not clean up my room today since there is a lot of mojs right now!"
(I will not clean my room right now since I am occupied with a lot funnier things to do!)
by Alfa November 09, 2004
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a reverse blumpkin; the act of a woman performing fellatio while defacating
After dinner, my girlfriend and I returned to my apartment where i demanded a Mo J. She abided.
by Baby Fucker December 11, 2007
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A cardboard tube stuffed with fabric softener, usually used to hide the odor of marijuana.
1. Use the moj so my room doesn't smell like reefer, dude.
by dirty dingus mcgee May 18, 2003
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a nigger,african american or some one of dark skin color.
often related to people of origin of Africa
Hey look at shuanquifa, haha she's a moj!
by blu2345 November 05, 2010
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