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Anyone of Latino descent. A term coined in Los Angeles. Sometimes just, "rooney."
Look at all those Spickarooneys out on the beach.
by Steviedee May 21, 2004
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Ah, jeez! Dean splooted in his drawers again!
by Steviedee January 30, 2004
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That stinkhole, baltimore, is the arm pit of the East Coast.
by Steviedee May 26, 2004
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The Correct, urban way to say, 'motherfucker.'
Yo! Whassup, ma-fucker?
by Steviedee February 27, 2006
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Northeastern State that has more in common with New Jersey than anything else. Dull, expensive, high taxes, and generally crap.
take your shots first before you go to Maryland.
by Steviedee May 26, 2004
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Traditional immigrant sector of Manhattan. The most "New Yorky" part of The City. Has great local color and a great place to be from. Unfortunately, becoming gentrified and taken over by corny white boys from the outlands. Can be very dangerous in parts, but you get over it.
Ah, crap, that block of East 7th is all under renovation.
by Steviedee May 26, 2004
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