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A blend of the expression mojo and the more physical translation of stuff. The word "mojs" can best be translated to "a lot of good things to have". An alternative translation can be "a lot of things going on". These things could be good or neutral but never bad.
"I got some real mojs yesterday!"
(I managed to buy some really good things yesterday)

"No, I am sorry. I can not clean up my room today since there is a lot of mojs right now!"
(I will not clean my room right now since I am occupied with a lot funnier things to do!)
by Alfa November 09, 2004

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The most badass Asian that you'll ever meet. Sensitive and a good listener when you need him to be. A man you can count on.
man that nareth
by ALFa September 17, 2013

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Just another spelling for "gray" in pluralis. Grays (sometimes spelled "greys") are supposed to be extraterrestial intelligent non human beings who are captured and held in secret labs deep within Area 51 and perhaps the Cheyenne Mtn base.

In Sweden, the word "grejs" is translated to "a lot of physical things stuffed up all around the office".
"Dude, I saw some grejs last night! Or maybe I had some bad moonshine..."
(Buddy, I saw some extraterrestial, intelligent non human beings last night. Or perhaps I drank too much bad home brewn strong alcohol...)

In Sweden:

"Vad det ser ut här! Fan vad grejs det är här inne!"
(Look at that mess! There is too much fucking grejs in here!)
by Alfa November 09, 2004

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A fat person that is a waste of human flesh, and couldn't even have the decency to be a waste of a small amount of human flesh.
Godamnit not fatass again!
by alfa May 13, 2004

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