Familia is a word used to describe someone who is a cockblock. A person who unintentionally or intentionally prevents a move or interaction between two people who are trying to advance their relationship or become more physically intimate.
"Yo! I was with this girl last night, and just as I was goign to kiss her, her friends came inbetween us both and started talking! She totally familiaed us!".
by adnamadnawehttam June 4, 2010
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Mazda Familia. Probily one of the most commonly stolen cars in auckland, new zealand. Mazda Familia GTX, GT, XL, Interplay are the most common done up cars, and the GTX is the most stolen
If you own a gtx get a decent alarm, the best investment you can get
by Glens 86 gtx August 14, 2005
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group of 49er faithful who have adopted the Hawaiian word "Kupa'a" as their alias. Kupa'a means- Faithful, stand together as one.
Did you see Boss, Virgil, and Keith roll up to the stick with their #kupaa tees on? Now that's repping the Kupa'a Familia.
by Kupaa Fitted March 25, 2012
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La Familia was founded on November 1963 on the streets of Bayridge, in Brooklyn, New York City. The gang was formed by seven young men in that neighborhood to protect themselves from other gangs. The name, "La Familia", was picked out from one of the original founders grandmothers' store.

by VAKI5 August 19, 2003
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The Family- You pledge loyalty to it at all times. This version of the family is not your mom dad cousin aunt uncles. Its a protective crime family.
Welcome to The Family!
Your Part of The Family now!
by Jim April 18, 2005
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NF eNe catorce

A gang started in Solodad in the 1960's. It was formed in Solodad to protect northern/central California Mexicans from La eMe/x3 who thought they were farmers because they didn't dress/act like they were from LA. Basically they are the prison version of Nortenos. They are the largest gang network in NorCal(2nd largest in state). It is allegedly ran from inside Skeleton Bay SHU.

Their enemies are pretty much all Nazi/racist gangs and all the scraps (eMe/Surenos/mara/any other X3). In a lot of situations they work with black gangs against the scraps or white power gangs.

Identified by wearing the color Red, lots of Nebraska football clothing/hats, and hella NF tats.
Nuestra Familia is to Norte what La eMe is to Surenos/mara.
by d0sha October 24, 2007
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The universal troubles caused to you by being part of a family. So called because they are familiar to all concerned.

Membership and/or participation in family activities cause well known types of this shit.
What's up Greg?

My uncle caused a scene over Thanksgiving and my mum was crying over the wasted effort to have a nice dinner.

Yeah, I can totally do without that familia shit; my sister wanted to go out and my dad said not looking like that but she did so anyway, so then he gets on my case and says i should get off my lazy ass and get a job.
by StewieG Wannabe December 1, 2009
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